Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gandhian Terms Crossword and Word Search

Gandhian Terms Crossword and Word Search
PDF handout

When reading about Gandhi I confess to sometimes muddling the unfamiliar terms: is “swaraj” self-rule or a boycott? (It’s self-rule, and I remember it by recalling that the British Raj indicated British rule.) This PDF file contains two separate handouts that give students an opportunity to play around with 15 of the words they may encounter in their Gandhian studies: ahimsa, bapu, bramacharya, charkha, Dalit, dhoti, fakir, Harijan, hartal, khadi, mahatma, sarvodaya, satyagraha, swadeshi and swaraj. The crossword puzzle is the harder of the two because it doesn’t include the words, just the definitions. The word search puzzle includes both words and definitions: in addition to searching out the words, though, it is necessary to match them up with the corresponding definition. I’m not going to provide you with the answers – looking up the ones you don’t know is your exercise!

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